Why you Should Hire Professional Contract Office Cleaners

Are you considering hiring an office cleaner? If you haven’t yet decided whether or not to take the plunge, it’s wise to explore the benefits before you make a decision. If you’re thinking about enlisting the services of a contract cleaning company for your business, here are some reasons to get in touch with the Colvin Cleaning Group.

Why you should hire a contract office cleaner

The vast majority of businesses have an office at the heart of the action. Whether you’re a small venture or a multinational corporation with branches located in Brighton, Crawley or Tunbridge Wells, hiring a contract office cleaner offers multiple benefits.

Increased productivity

Nothing is more distracting than mess and clutter when you’re trying to do your job. If your office hasn’t been cleaned properly for weeks or months, there’s every chance that this could be hampering productivity. A clean, fresh, clutter-free office provides a much more pleasant environment for employees and will serve to increase efficiency, and reduce the risk of errors and mistakes. If there are papers everywhere, for example, there’s a high risk of important documents going missing, and employees will waste time trying to locate the information they need.


Every employer should strive to promote health and hygiene in the workplace. We all know that a healthy team is a happier, more productive team. A sparkling clean office will eliminate hygiene-related hazards caused by harmful bacteria. An office environment may look perfectly innocent, but studies suggest that there can be major problems lurking beneath the surface. Did you know that the ‘start’ button on a photocopying machine, for example, can have up to 4 times more germs than a pet’s food bowl?

Positive impressions

If you use your office to meet with clients, it’s crucial to create a positive first impression. Fresh scents, glistening floors and desks that are completely clutter-free will provide a much more attractive and appealing aesthetic than dirty floors and piles of stuff everywhere. You only have a matter of seconds to impress in business, so working with a company like the Colvin Cleaning Group could make all the difference.

Focusing on core tasks

Are you currently working to a cleaning rota, or have your employees expressed concerns about not having time to do their job? Most people don’t take up an office job expecting to have to mop floors or vacuum the carpets. Hiring a firm that has expertise in office and commercial cleaning enables your team to focus on the tasks that are fundamental to the success of your business. A dedicated cleaning professional with experience in office cleaning is likely to do a much better job than an employee who has been hired to oversee a marketing campaign or handle customer calls.

If you run a business, and you have a central office or a branch in Crawley, Tunbridge Wells, Brighton or elsewhere in Sussex or Kent, why not get in touch with the Colvin Cleaning Group today? A professional, reliable cleaning company can ensure your office looks the part and provides a safe, healthy, and productive environment. Contact us today for more information.

Published Date:11th September 2018

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