The Importance of Office Cleaning in Brighton

The importance of office cleaning in Brighton The work premises can be a haven for all sorts of bugs and germs, which can quickly multiply, especially in the warm environment of an office. Under health and safety regulations, an employer is obliged to have measures in place to help minimise the risks of their staff or visitors becoming ill, and legal penalties could apply if it was proven that your business was at fault for not keeping the environment cleaner. However, by using regular office cleaning in Brighton, it is possible to keep the risks at a minimum by ensuring that the office and all of the equipment is kept clean. When Colvin Cleaners work on your office, there are several key areas that we will focus on as they are the most likely to spread germs and risk infection. The areas that our office cleaning in Brighton team will focus on the most will include: Equipment – keyboards, telephones, computer accessories such as a mouse or mouse mat, desks and fax machines provide an ideal breeding ground for spreading germs, especially when the equipment might be used by multiple people. Door handles – this is something that often gets ignored, however, with many different people using the same door handle every day, bugs can soon spread all around the office and to the staff, and to anyone that pays a visit to the premises. Toilets – keeping toilets scrupulously clean isn’t just about providing a good environment for staff and visitors, it is about maximising hygiene levels and ensuring cleanliness to help prevent common bugs from spreading around the office. Kitchen area – a shared kitchen area can often prove to be an easy way to pick up food poisoning if the area isn’t kept clean enough. However, by using office cleaning in Brighton, you’ll be able to ensure that the area is kept safe for the staff to use, and the risks of picking up common bugs will be kept at a minimum. Reception – keeping the reception area clean is vital for giving a good impression to visitors, however, it will also help to reduce the risk of staff or visitors being exposed to germs or bugs that could make them unwell. Furniture – this is another common way in which germs and bugs can be spread around the office, especially when the furniture is shared. Contact us on 01273 799065 for further information or visit our website at www.colvincleaninggroup.co.uk

Published Date:23rd January 2015

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