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When you’re serving the public, it’s important that you’re living up to -- or exceeding -- the standards of wider society. These are, after all, the people that you’re there to help, and it’s important that they trust you. If you’ve taken the time to make sure your premises are up to scratch, they’ll be an inherent level of understanding: or, at the very least, they’ll have no reason to distrust you. So it’s important that you’re taking your cleaning seriously. As well as cleaning for the benefit of your visitors, it’ll also benefit your staff, too -- studies have shown that people work better, and are even happier when they’re working in a pleasant environment. If you’re in charge of making sure that your public-facing space is kept clean, tidy, and presentable, then consider working with Colvin Cleaning Group. Below, we take a look at some of the types of buildings and spaces we cover, and also some of the techniques and ways of working that we use.

Types of Areas Covered

Colvin Cleaning Group is able to provide cleaning services to a wide range of public sector establishments. For example, we can cover car parks, so that there isn’t trash and other dirt compromising the quality of the parking area. We also serve schools and colleges: with so many people going about their business, trying to study, it’s normal that there will be dirt and other issues building up throughout the day. There are also many other areas where members of the public may pass, such as parish councils, public buildings, county council buildings, and town and city centres. All of these spaces can become dirty due to the sheer number of people that pass through them, and, in order to stay presentable, they need to be actively managed. Whether you need one cleaner to pass through every couple of days, or a team of cleaners to work each day, you’ll find that Colvin Cleaning Group has a solution for you.

Regular Cleaning

At this stage, you might be interested to know what exactly is involved when it comes to cleaning. You can trust that it’ll be well handled, but what will the process of making your space more presentable actually involve? The cleaning is usually divided into two areas: the daily routine and the periodic cleaning jobs. The daily jobs take care of the dirt and mess that has built up since the last clean. It’s an integral part of keeping the space looking at its best. As well as these daily jobs, we also engage in those less frequent, periodic jobs. For example, high-level dusting -- this is an important part of periodic cleaning, as it takes care of the dust that can build up in those harder to reach and more hidden spaces. Additionally, Colvin Cleaning Group also takes care of tasks that include window and glass cleaning, deep carpet cleaning, taking care of floors, and making sure that the telephone and other office equipment are all kept sanitary and presentable.

Outside Areas

It’s not just the inside of buildings that count: the outside is also important. This is typically the very first impression that a member of the public will see of the premises, and if it doesn’t look presentable, then they’re not going to have a very favourable view. This is especially important when it comes to town and city centre cleaning, but also affects other spaces and buildings too. If you hire a cleaner to take care of the tasks, you’ll be doing your bit to make sure that there is limited trash, that everything looks swept, and that the signs and windows look presentable.

Bathroom Cleaning

It’s paramount for any organisation that deals with the public to keep their bathrooms clean; it’s as true for the public sector as it is for the commercial sector. So don’t let this be the area where your cleanliness lets you down. When you hire Colvin Cleaning Group, you’ll have the peace of mind that your washrooms are in clean and hygienic condition. As well as cleaning, we can provide bathroom supplies that you may need, including toilet paper, soaps and sanitisers, air fresheners, and more.

Advantages of Using Colvin Cleaning

Colvin Cleaning Group has the experience and team of staff needed to successfully handle the cleaning duties of your public sector organisational space. You’ll be able to sit back and get on with the job of providing services for the public, safe in the knowledge that everything looks presentable. Contact us for more information.

Published Date:13th August 2019

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