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When it comes to choosing a professional office cleaning service in Brighton, you’ve got a lot of choices. Companies across the market are all vying to convince you that they provide the best service.

The truth, however, is that only a small segment of cleaning firms can provide reliable cleaning services you need. At The Colvin Cleaning Group, we believe that’s us.

Professional Office Cleaning In Brighton

Professional office cleaning is more important than many businesses realise. Office cleaning isn’t just another service or utility, like refilling the coffee machine: it’s a form of communication about how you do business.

Think about what a dirty and unhygienic office says about the firm that operates it. It indicates that the firm is not interested in the health and safety of visitors or the people who work there. It doesn’t pay attention to detail, and it’s oblivious to social etiquette.

A dirty office is a big turn off for customers and colleagues alike. A client could visit your office believing that you have a good product, but go away appalled at the state of your facilities. A dirty washroom or overflowing bins could be the reason they choose to buy from your competitor and not you.

An unclean office can have a similarly dire effect on the attitude of your staff. Just like every other organisation in your industry, you’re competing over the same small pool of highly talented individuals. You know that if you can get hold of these people, you can establish a genuine competitive advantage. Treating the people who work for your well is, therefore, a top concern.

Employees, like clients, don’t appreciate working in dirty conditions. In fact, for workers, the importance of a cleanl office is even more paramount. Clients don’t have to spend eight hours per day in a filthy office, but workers do. Star employees may decide to leave if things are bad. It pays, therefore, to get professional cleaning services.

Why Choose The Colvin Cleaning Group?

Okay, so you’ve decided that you need professional cleaning services - why choose The Colvin Cleaning Group for your offices in Brighton?

Tailored Service

Not all offices in Brighton are the same. Some need daily cleaning services; others don’t: it all depends on the nature of the work that you do. As professional cleaning contractors, we understand that you don’t want to pay for cleaning services that you don’t need. That’s why we consult with you extensively about your cleaning requirements and create a tailored service. With us, you can get an impeccable finish on all your surfaces and office equipment as and when you need it.

Clean Problem Areas, Like Washrooms

Maintaining a hygienic and fragrant washroom is vital to the happiness of all of the people who work in your office, and the success of your company. Workers who have access to pleasant and safe bathroom facilities feel better about their place of work and are less likely to get sick.

Our professional washroom cleaning service targets all of those difficult-to-reach areas while providing you with a steady supply of toilet goods. What’s more, once you start using our services, you never have to dedicate admin time to it again. It all gets done, like clockwork, in the background.

Ground Maintenance Services

The best cleaning services offer comprehensive services within their area of expertise. That’s why at the Colvin Cleaning Group, we clean both the interior and exterior spaces associated with your office.

On the interior, we focus on things like interior windows, hard floor cleaning, high-level cleaning, light diffuser cleaning, telephone, computers and office equipment, and carpets. Just let us know the kinds of things in your office that tend to get dirty fast, and we’ll build a schedule that keeps them impeccably clean.

On the exterior, we focus on external signage, bin sanitising, and waste removal. We can also do sweeping and weeding, helping to make your Brighton office look stunning, both inside and out.

Choose Us as Your Professional Cleaning Company in Brighton

Managing the cleaning of your offices yourself is a hassle. All the time that you spend worrying about restocking the washroom and organising cleaning rotas takes away from your core operations. You don’t go into business to worry about cleaning schedules: you do it because you’re passionate about the services you provide. But all too often, cleaning concerns can take over.

The Colvin Cleaning Group eliminates the need for you to worry about any aspect of cleaning your Brighton offices. Once we agree to a schedule, there’s nothing else you need to do. We do all the cleaning you require, providing you with a hygienic office every day.

Published Date:24th September 2019

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