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Here at The Colvin Cleaning Group, we are proud to offer a service that is high quality, affordable and local to your business. When you are looking for cleaning contractors that have been thoroughly and professionally trained, turning to The Colvin Cleaning Group is the best choice that you could make for your business. Finding a commercial cleaning company that is innovative and flexible for your business is not always easy, but when you are looking for an office cleaning business with more than 30 years of experience, you're in the right place.

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Experienced Office Cleaning Services

At Colvin Cleaning Group, we organise and manage cleaning services in the South East area and have been doing so successfully for more than 30 years. Our reputation is one that our clients can rave about; our testimonials and reviews speak for themselves, with happy customers coming back time and again for our professional office cleaning services. We are a preferred supplier in the Brighton and South East area, and whatever your commercial cleaning needs may be, from Brighton and Eastbourne to Crawley and Tunbridge Wells, Colvin Cleaning Group can be of help.

If you are looking for a commercial cleaning service that is prompt and efficient, Colvin Cleaning Group can help you to make a schedule to your specific budget, ensuring that you get the exact cleaning schedule for your needs. We can undertake periodic cleans, daily cleaning, retail cleaning and hard floor and window cleaning. Getting in touch with us takes a quick phone call, and we have a large team of expert cleaning contractors who can take care of all of your commercial cleaning requirements. Below are just some of the services that we can offer at The Colvin Cleaning Group:

Office Cleaning

Colvin Cleaning Group works with some of the largest commercial businesses in the South East, and each of our clients requires professional and reliable cleaning services in their office environments.

Retail Cleaning

For the past thirty years, we've worked with many of the large retail spaces in the South East, particularly Brighton, Eastbourne, Crawley and Tunbridge Wells. We've had some excellent success with our cleaning contractors in the commercial cleaning industry.

Industrial Cleaning

Whether you need retail cleaning help, office cleaning or industrial cleaning, Colvin Cleaning Group has you covered. We provide commercial cleaning and hygiene management services, and we are proud to be able to offer you the same.

Public Services

If your business is in education or the government buildings around Brighton and the South East, Colvin Cleaning Group can assist you by providing cleaning contractors.

Medical Cleaning

Healthcare facilities from GP surgeries to retirement homes need special care when it comes to cleaning services. Our commercial cleaning service at Colvin Cleaning Group ensures that your facility is cleaned to CQC compliance requirements and NHS cleaning standards.

Our Expert Cleaning Contractors

We understand that you will only want the very best in trained cleaning contractors for your business. At Colvin Cleaning Group, each of our cleaning team members has been trained to a high standard across all of our cleaning equipment and solutions. We will only ever match your business with the right cleaning team, so you get staff who understand your commercial cleaning needs from the moment that they step through the door. No matter your budget or requirements, we will have a solution to suit you and your business, and we will always ensure that your business is well presented at all times.

South East Expert Commercial Cleaners

Our commercial cleaning company is responsive to your every need, whether you need a team working your shop floor every day or you need monthly upholstery cleaning done for your office. Not only do we ensure that our staff are trained across all cleaning needs, we make sure that our service is on time, on budget and exactly what your business needs. We aim to ensure that our commercial cleaning experts keep your business looking as professional as you would have wanted.

Contact Us Today

Your budget and schedule of needs are essential to us, and our cleaning contractors can ensure that you are satisfied with our service as we want you to be. A conversation with our friendly team today could mean that tomorrow, your business gets the cleaning facelift that you desperately need. Our commercial cleaning company can ensure that your business remains as professional as possible every day of the week. Contact us today.

Published Date:25th June 2019

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