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Supplying services throughout the south we have over 30 years of experience in organising and managing cleaning services local to your area. The importance of office cleaning is vital to keep a healthy and non-toxic atmosphere for all. If you have an office space in Brighton and Hove then look no further for all your needs. The importance of good office management and cleanliness is vital to any business, to remain a professional upkeep that keeps your staff and any clients out of risk. Not only is office cleaning difficult for non-professional cleaners to keep up with but without the help of a professional team you can’t complete all the tasks with professional know-how including the use of industry machinery. We use only the best supplies and cleaners to undertake these tasks, including industry standard cleaning products that assist with removing the bacteria and dirt that gathers in many office spaces.  Anyone entering your office, whether it is new employees, clients or inspectors, it is important that your office looks spic and span - which is why our contract cleaners in Brighton are perfect for the job.

Professional cleaning contractors

Thorough office cleaning in Brighton and Hove

Dirt, dust and grime often collect, and with constant use of telephones and shared office equipment and tools, bacteria can easily spread which can contaminate the entire space, leaving people vulnerable to catching illness and other toxins. That is why we work thoroughly to ensure the space is clean. This includes: 

  • Kitchen areas - thorough clean of food preparation areas.
  • Bathroom areas/ washroom - thorough clean of all toilets and sinks.
  • Communal areas - any communal staff rooms, areas for guests/visitors and reception.
  • Office desks - sanitation and dusting to ensure all desks are clean and functional.
  • Floors/carpets - we remove the dirt caused by dirty footwear on any hard wood floors or carpets to remove dirt, and stains. 
  • Equipment - phones, computers, servers, printers, fax machines etc.
  • IT equipment - servers, wires, leads, plugs.
  • Ceilings - ceilings gather dust which can look unsightly which we remove.
  • Lights - lights can easily look neglected if they are not cleaned often.
  • Windows - we offer a full windows and doors cleaning service.

We also provide a full cleaning service which includes the management of ordering and stocking of your washroom supplies which takes the pressure away from any of your team members. We pride ourselves on dedication and high-level cleaning to ensure that all our customers are happy.

We appreciate that some areas of the office need a little extra attention and that includes office equipment that harbour germs easily.

IT servers, wires and equipment often gather dust and grime and may frequently be touched for inspections, by multiple workers so we aim to eliminate dust gathered behind computers or in between areas where wires merge - often cleaners fail to clean in the areas not seen, but these become breeding grounds for germs which can affect office life.

Keyboards become incredibly dirty over time. They are constantly being touched and so we work with antibacterial and disinfectants to make them look clean and usable. Poor sanitation that could lead to illness in the workplace and now more than ever we understand the importance of keeping things clean. We clean all telephones thoroughly, as they are often used by multiple people so they can easily harbour dirt and germs near the speaker and the handle itself.

A messy and disorganised space can hinder the working day, so we ensure to keep things clean and tidy to ensure that you can continue working as normal. We provide sweeping, hoovering and mopping where needed to ensure the floor surfaces are clean and bacteria from shoes is fully eliminated. Completing these tasks, we disinfect and sanitize all areas mentioned above. All common areas and tables/desks are dusted and rubbish is removed which allows you to begin your next working day with efficiency. We work to the highest standard and have continued to do so for many years.

It isn’t just the internal property that also needs attention. Here at Colvin Cleaning group, our contract cleaners are also able to take care of the external issues, such as ground maintenance and signage cleaning which adds to the marketing of your business. Removal of litter and sweeping allows the area to look impeccable to impress. We want your business to promote the best impression for anyone who is visiting the office space.

Why Colvin Cleaning for your office cleaning?

It is already believed that there is up to 400 times more bacteria in the workplace than on a toilet seat. It is also important to note that up to 60% of work illnesses are contracted within the office which is caused from poor sanitation in the office. Without exceptional cleaning, it can lead to issues within your own company which we aim to avoid.

We offer a range of benefits for our clients. Our dedicated and highly skilled team offer exceptional quality cleaning services that are vital to the upkeep of any office space. With over 30 years’ experience, we have built up a reputation in the Brighton and Hove area with businesses and we cater for a range of clients. Available 7 days a week 24 hours a day, we pride ourselves on our dedication to our craft, and each one of our team members is fully trained. We continuously offer exceptional quality cleaning services day after day. We are also covered for liability insurance cover of £10,000,000. Our cleaning services in Brighton and Hove continue to be the best choice for your business.

It’s time to boost office morale! It is known that employees benefit and work better in a cleaner working space. Also, it is known that a clutter free and functional space brings better workplace results. This allows office staff to know where things are and improves time management as well as healthier and happier staff members.

If you are looking for cleaning contractors in Brighton and Hove then Colvin Cleaning can assist you. For further information, please do not hesitate to contact us today.

Published Date:16th April 2021

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