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A clean office can make all the difference to your workplace. Not only will you be glad to welcome clients to your space without worry about what reputation it might give you, it’s great for the team as well. A healthier office, less prone to accidents and much more conducive to a productive team are just a few of the reasons to invest in cleaning it up.

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Bringing the highest professional standards and over 30 years’ experience, The Colvin Cleaning Group offers some of the most comprehensive and best value office cleaning services in Brighton. We’re a team of cleaning contractors that have worked with all kinds of businesses, offering the cleaning services they need, whether daily or periodic. Whatever your schedule is, whatever size of layout your office, we suit our commercial cleaning services to your needs. Read on to learn more about our services and get in touch when you’re ready to give your office that extra care it needs.

The dangers of the unclean office

If you’re not certain why you might need our services just yet, here are a few facts worth considering. Employees lose, on average, nine days a year to sick leave, which is contributed to by poor air quality and low hygienic standards in the office. This is especially true with viruses and bacterial diseases like the cold and the flu, which can linger on hard surfaces for over 24 hours.

The majority of workplace absences are caused by dirty equipment and surfaces in the office, including printers, bathroom door handles, kitchen counters, and more. As such, with a team of 10 workers, you could get back around 90 days of the year back if only the office is kept clean.

Office cleaning services in Brighton

We offer a host of office cleaning services, ensuring that your workspace is kept to the highest standard with a clean you can see, feel, and even smell. Our team of highly trained cleaners brings with them the tools and products necessary for that extra level of satisfaction, all suited to your needs.

Whether your business schedule is, we can work around it to your preference. This includes cleaning all kinds of surface areas, offering extra attention for meeting rooms and bathrooms but without missing the day-to-day office equipment with the tidying, dusting, and sanitising that can keep them running for longer.

The types of commercial cleaning services we offer

We know that not all of our clients have the same needs. Different spaces and different industries call for different types of cleaning. That’s why we break down our office cleaning services to a range of options, any of which you can make a part of the cleaning specifications that we follow to the letter. These include:

  • Surface cleaning, making sure that no matter what type of hard surface you have, its wiped down, sanitised and kept hygienic and safe to use
  • Hard floor cleaning ensures that our attention to detail gets right down to ground level, as well. We’re able to clean and maintain hard stone, concrete, wood, and vinyl floor standards with regular stripping, waxing, and cleaning services.
  • Window cleaning, giving you the smudge-free windows that are essential for giving your office that professional edge. We offer both internal and external window cleaning to make sure that you don’t have to rely on any other services to finish what we start.
  • Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, providing maintenance and deep cleans to a schedule that ensures the longevity and vibrancy of your flooring and soft furnishings, with the wet cleaning products and tools that go much deeper than surface level.
  • External cleaning, including litter pickup, signage cleaning, car park cleaning, sweeping, weeding, waste removal and bin sanitation.
  • Washroom cleaning, maintaining the highest level of sanitary standards including routine deep cleaning and provisions of materials like soaps, sanitisers, toilet tissues, hand towels, air fresheners and much more.

We’ve worked with customers in a range of different industries, including industrial, retail, healthcare, public sector, and more. This means we have the experience and the attention to detail to meet the standards of cleaning held by even those who hold true cleanliness as an essential part of their business. With over 25 years of providing office cleaning services in Brighton, there’s no commercial space we can’t clean.

Cleans to fit your needs

Just as we’ve provided a range of services to a variety of clients, we’ve also worked with those who have all kinds of schedules. As professional cleaning contractors, we are the one-stop shop for businesses that need both daily and periodic cleaning services. Our commitment to high standards is no different whether you want us around to take care of day-to-day maintenance or on a less frequent basis to make sure that mess isn’t given the time to settle into your workspace.

Whether you need daily cleaning, periodic cleaning, or a different schedule, get in touch with us. We’re ready to come and clean whenever you need us.

The benefits of a better clean with us

There are plenty of reasons to get in touch with us today for your commercial cleaning needs, including but not limited to:

  • Give your office the professional appeal for visiting clients and partners.
  • Employees are much more engaged, motivated, and productive in an office that they’re proud to be a part of.
  • The dirtier your office, the worse it is for employee health, whether it’s dust and allergens contributing to bad air quality or the safety risks of trash, dirty surfaces and spills.
  • Save your business plenty of money in wages and cleaning products by outsourcing it to professionals who can get it done quicker and better.
  • Getting rid of dust and debris in the office helps keep your tech alive for longer.

The benefits of a truly clean office go well beyond what you can see and feel. They can have a transformative impact on the business that helps you establish a professional brand see better results from your team. Take advantage today and get in touch with Colvin Cleaning Group.

The Colvin Cleaning Group effect

When it comes to keeping the office clean, you want to entrust your workspace to the cleaning contractor that’s able to offer the best deal for your money. We’ve been offering cleaning services in Brighton for three decades now precisely because we’ve been able to demonstrate that.

Not only do we have a team of experienced professionals using the highest industry standards, we work to the needs of your business. We run a 7-day/24-hour service with fully trained and supervised staff. All our team members use high performance, rigorously tested equipment and quality commercial cleaning products. We’re qualified, experienced, and ensured, so you get none of the risk with us that you would from a less professional team.

Get in touch for Brighton office cleaning today

If you need someone to make sure that your workspace meets your high standards of cleanliness, hygiene, safety, and visual impact, then get in touch with Colvin Cleaning Group today. You can call us for free on 0800 14 64 94 or contact us via the site and we’ll get back to you as soon as possible.

Tell us as much about your office cleaning needs, including the space you need and the services you want for quotes that are as transparent and reliable as possible. We’re glad to explain any services we offer and answer any questions you might have. Let’s give you and your team the cleaning you all deserve.

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