Is Your Cleaning Company Providing the Best Service?

Few settings require high standards of cleanliness quite as much as industrial premises. From factories to warehouses, businesses in manufacturing and engineering cannot afford to waste their time with sub-par service. It can quickly become a real risk to the health and safety of you and your team. Here, we’re going to look at the signs that your cleaning provider isn’t giving you the best service, and when it’s time to consider replacing them.

Overlooked Cleaning duties

The most common symptom of inconsistent cleaning standards is when simple routines, whether it’s particular rooms, surfaces, or other needs aren’t met on a regular basis.

You’re often working with wet floors

Floors become wet during the cleaning process, but factory cleaning companies need to ensure that they’re left dry for you and your team. Unfinished, wet floors can attract grime and, more importantly, pose a real risk of trips, slips, and falls for you and your team.

They lack the industry essential equipment

Industrial commercial cleaning is much more dependent on specialised cleaning equipment and products than any other work environment. Equipment is necessary for degreasing, machine cleaning, stripping, sanding, polishing, and more. If your cleaning company doesn’t invest in this kind of equipment, then the standards of your workplace will begin to deteriorate.

They don’t know how to work with certain materials

Expertise in factory cleaning also means being able to handle a range of materials, such as non-slip safety flooring, concrete, slate, vinyl, linoleum and more. Take a closer look at every surface material, if you see that some aren’t getting the care they deserve, then it’s a sign they aren’t suited to your needs.

They’re skipping the external areas

If your business requires ground maintenance services, then you need to ensure you’re working with a cleaning team that can provide to all of your needs, not just some.  From sweeping and weeding to litter picking and waste disposal, your operations may require a greater level of care to external areas that isn’t being provided.

Supply difficulties

Cleaning contractors don’t simply clean the premises but can resupply bathrooms with things like soaps and sanitisers, toilet tissues, paper towels, and the like. If your staff are complaining that these supplies aren’t often readily available, it’s a sign that the standards or slipping.

Poor communication

A cleaning company needs to be able to communicate effectively. If you have any concerns or additional needs to be addressed, you need to know that they will read and promptly reply to emails and return your calls in a timely fashion. What’s more, if you’re never talking to the same person, you might not have peace of mind that your concerns are being truly heard by the whole team.

If you’re now even more aware your cleaning services aren’t providing the services you need, Colvin Cleaning Group may be the alternative you need. We provide factory cleaning, warehouse cleaning and all kinds of industrial commercial cleaning to Brighton, Eastbourne, Crawley, Tunbridge Wells and all across Sussex and Kent. Get in touch with us and we can show you what it means to receive the best service from your cleaning company.

Published Date:15th November 2018

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