Intensive Commercial Cleaning post Covid-19

In the last few months, our world has changed forever. The outbreak of Covid-19 across the globe has sparked huge changes in how we live, work and do business. Even now, as retailers tentatively begin to open their doors, and offices start asking limited numbers of employees to return to work, everyone is having to look at things from a different perspective. One area which has sprung to prominence as a result of the pandemic is that of cleanliness in the workplace. Once a luxury, sparkling surfaces and ultra-hygienic workplaces are now an absolute necessity for every business. Everyone’s worked in at last one slightly grotty office, right? One where the air conditioning didn’t quite work, the toilets always felt a bit untrustworthy, and the microwave never really got cleaned? Well, those environments look set to be a thing of the past. As businesses return to work, an intensive cleaning service is an essential part of readying the office for your employees’ safe return. There are many reasons why an intense, professional clean is the only way to minimise the risk of Covid-19, and far superior than attempting to do this yourself.

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Supreme Attention to Detail

The first reason to book an intensive cleaning service post-Covid-19, is the sheer attention to detail that you will receive from your cleaners. Remember, these are trained professionals who will be able to identify, access and clean issues that you may not even have considered, however thoroughly you attempt your own cleaning. Post-lockdown, it will be vitally important that the office and workplace can be somewhere that employees feel safe and valued. This feeling of safety can only be achieved with the kind of intensive cleaning that leaves no stone unturned and no place for the virus to hide.

Superior Disinfectant

Infectious viruses can survive for many days on surfaces, or on any object that has been touched by an infected person. A disinfectant is a chemical agent that is specifically designed to either kill or inactivate these micro-organisms, leaving surfaces clean and, more importantly, virus-free. A professional deep cleaning service will use specialised, industrial disinfectants supplied to the cleaning company, which will be much more effective than your own equipment or sprays. The efficacy of this disinfectant will be higher, enabling the cleaning team to conduct a much more intensive and deeper clean than you could do for yourself. When it comes to stopping the spread of a virus through objects and surfaces, disinfectant is the strongest solution. Professional cleaners will also wear masks and uniforms that protect them from any side-effects of using such high-strength formulas, enabling a deep cleaning service of your office without a match.

ULV Fogging Techniques

Alongside superior attention to detail, and excellent disinfectant use, a professional intensive cleaning service will also be able to use other techniques to thoroughly clean your workspace. This includes ULV fogging machines. ULV here stands for Ultra Low Volume, and it works by dispersing liquid into an atmosphere in very small droplets, by processing large volumes of air at very low pressure. In this way, very large areas can be thoroughly disinfected relatively easily. One benefit of this is also that it can destroy any airborne pathogens quickly and efficiently. Although Covid-19 is not airborne, and manual cleaning of surfaces with disinfectant remains the most effective preventative measure, ULV fogging is a fantastic measure to use alongside these techniques in order to cover your entire office space and ensure it has been thoroughly disinfected.

Speed and Efficiency

If you attempted to clean your offices by yourself, or even with a small team of employees, how long would it take you? However many hours you’re thinking, double them. Everyone always underestimates the time and effort of thoroughly cleaning. Added to this, do you really trust yourself and your employees to complete the job properly? After all, it’s not your area of expertise, and you are not qualified to undertake this kind of service. On the other hand, a professional cleaning service will be able to accomplish in a few hours what you would not be able to do in two days of full-time labour. They simply have the experience and expertise that creates efficiency, allowing you to welcome staff back as quickly and safely as possible.

Employee Morale

One benefit of employing a professional company to conduct an intensive cleaning service of your offices is the psychological effect it will have on your employees. Many individuals are understandably nervous about being asked to return to work, and you will want to combat any atmosphere of fear and uncertainty amongst your staff. If they are aware you have taken every precaution to keep them safe, including deep cleaning the office or workspace, employees will feel much more confident about their return. In turn, this will have a positive effect on morale, productivity, and your business as a whole.

Singular and Repeat Services

Alongside a single intensive cleaning service to get your office up to scratch, it’s well worth following this up with regular upkeep appointments, ensuring your workplace remains disinfected, safe, and virus-free. Though the office may be completely safe immediately following the deep clean, as employees start to pass through the space, the risk of infection will exponentially increase. You can combat this by talking to your cleaning company and scheduling regular visits to repeat the disinfectant and ULV fogging process. In this way, you will be maximising the benefits of your first intensive cleaning, as you continue to ‘top it up’, ensuring surfaces remain spotless for as long as possible.


The Covid-19 pandemic has changed the world and forced us to think more seriously about issues we might have previously brushed aside. In this new reality, as businesses return to work, conducting an intensive cleaning of your offices will be a vital part of your plans over the next few months. A professional cleaning company will use a mix of superior techniques, trained personnel, and offer repeat services, allowing you to rest easy in the knowledge that you and your employees are returning to work in a safe, hygienic and virus-free environment. If you need more information call or contact The Colvin Cleaning Group today.

Published Date:15th December 2020

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