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The Covid-19 pandemic has swept the world at a seemingly impossible pace. Just over a year ago, life was normal - offices, restaurants, sports centres and beaches were all open to be visited by all. It was unusual to wear a face mask on public transport; nobody was running out of hand sanitizer; schoolchildren ran freely and played together. However, the pandemic’s reach has been far and wide. The devastation on communities, health services and families has been huge. But as we enter into the summer, the UK is slowly beginning to reopen again. Although Covid-19 is still very much present in our societies, our ability to understand and control the virus has increased, meaning that we can take some safety precautions for our workplaces and leisure activities.

If you work in an office, warehouse, retail or health centre, or even more important if you manage one, you might be concerned about the safety of your colleagues once your office space returns to business as usual.  While safety precautions can be taken by everyone, the office space itself needs to be safe, clean, and virus free by any means possible.

Covid-19 is a virus which thrives on crowded spaces and lack of hygiene. In order to create a safe office environment, changes need to be made to the way you work. On top of this, the overall cleanliness of the workspace needs to be vastly improved. This means your workplace must be deep cleaned frequently by professionals who know how to wipe out any bacteria that lingers there.

How Covid-19 Can Spread in a Work Environment

Covid-19 is extremely easy to spread. Viruses work by passing from human to human, through bodily fluids. To get an idea of how it works, here are the basics of how a virus might spread from person to person in an office environment.

  • Shared surfaces. Covid-19 is passed via human to human transmission. This doesn’t mean, however, that you have to touch another person to transmit or contract the virus. If your workplace has shared spaces such as desks, computers, lunch tables, and office kitchens, these are a hazard for contracting Covid-19. If a person sneezes or coughs near or onto these surfaces, water droplets from their nose and mouth can land on surfaces. Covid-19 can live on surfaces for up to 48 hours, meaning that anyone coming into contact with these surfaces, then touching their face, could contract the virus.
  • Small meeting rooms and close contact. The recommended distance to avoid human to human transmission is 2 metres. If you are closer, anybody who has the virus can transmit it through their water droplets to another person in the room. This means that small meeting rooms, shared desks and crowded break rooms are difficult to manage.
  • Human to human contact. We will all be glad to see our colleagues again when we return to work. But hugging, shaking hands or any other kind of touching drastically increases your risk of virus transmission. Many offices have introduced other ways of greeting one another, like a foot or elbow tap.

Solutions for a Safe Working Environment

There are so many ways for Covid-19 to be transmitted in an office environment. Although it sounds scary, there are ways to combat this. The easiest way to keep your office surfaces and any shared spaces virus-free is to frequently and vigorously clean them. The importance of cleaning at this time goes further than simply wiping out bacteria. Keeping up cleaning doesn’t just mean giving the place a once-over; in order to keep a space virus-free, you have to deep clean.

Cleaning services you might require during this extra-cautious time include:

  • Carpet and curtain cleaning. Carpets and curtains, while they look stylish and keep the place warm and comfortable, are perfect houses for bacteria to live in. In order to clean a carpet extensively, specialist equipment is needed, to extract any bacteria and skin cells from its fabric. Fabric is easily ruined if not cleaned with the right products; hiring professional cleaning surfaces to clean them for you is recommended.
  • Environmental cleaning. This type of cleaning is typically used to rid your space of moths, or any other kind of infestation of bugs or pests. However, giving your office an environmental clean from a professional company allows you to rest assured that there aren’t any nasty bacteria hiding in the cracks and crevices you might otherwise miss.
  • Hard surface cleaning. Although it seems self-explanatory, cleaning your hard surfaces regularly and thoroughly doesn’t just make the place less risky. It also preserves the material of your hard surface. Using specialist cleaners means that your expensive hard-wood floor won’t be ruined by an incorrectly administered cleaning product. Preserving, and removing bacteria from, your hard surfaces is best left in the hands of a professional cleaner.
  • Washrooms. Of course, washrooms are one of the most vital spaces to keep squeaky clean. Having publish washrooms deep cleaned on a regular basis means that your colleagues don’t have to worry about transmitting or contracting the virus in these areas. As well as providing hand sanitizer and hand soap to all washrooms, keeping the toilet surfaces and sink surfaces bleached is of utmost importance.

Other Helpful Advice

Of course, there are other things that can be done to help create a safe working environment for all. It takes dedication from each and every person who accesses the office space. These people must wear face coverings, carry hand sanitizer and abide by social distancing rules. Although these changes can bring challenges in organizing the workspace, it can be achieved with teamwork and dedication. For your business, your colleagues, and your commercial longevity, these cleaning requirements are absolutely essential. Lockdown has been challenging for businesses and individuals alike; no businesses want to meet more challenges once they reopen! Investing in professional deep cleaning for your business, no matter what its needs and requirements are, is the only way to ensure you keep your business and employees safe from Covid-19.

Colvin Cleaning have been cleaning office and commercial premises for over 30 years and have dedicated team skilled in deep clean techniques. We cover Eastbourne, Brighton, Hastings, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley and indeed all of Sussex and Surrey. Contact us or give us a call for a chat.

Published Date:30th March 2021

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