How Dirty is Your Office?

There are few things more crucial to modern business than making a good impression on the people spending money with them. You’ve spent countless hours working on marketing, customer service, and the products which you sell, building your business into something which leaves customers pleasantly delighted at the experience they have with you. Of course, though, there are always areas which slip through the cracks. For a lot of today’s offices, dirt is one of the trickiest areas to get right, with a considerable amount of these buildings being unfit for employees, let alone the people you’re trying to sell yourself to.

On The Surface

Investigating the cleanliness of your company has to start with the surface-level dirt which is found in and around your office. It’s impossible to stop dust from settling or muck coming off  people’s shoes, and this leaves you with little choice but to start putting regular time into cleaning these spaces. You’re not just putting people’s opinion of you at risk when you ignore surface-level cleaning, though, as this can cause a far more severe impact on your business.

Office cleaning

Humans are highly susceptible to microscopic life. While a lot of the bacteria you’re exposed to is very essential to your health, there are examples out there which can make you very sick. Studies have shown that workplace equipment can be as much as 400x dirtier than the average toilet seat. With over 80% of the modern world’s working population spending their days in offices, cleanliness poses a significant risk, with businesses often having to deal with outbreaks of sickness amongst their team members.

Thankfully, overcoming this sort of issue is more straightforward than a lot of people realise. It wouldn’t be a good idea to kill all of the germs which cover your body and the things around you, but simple acts, like washing hands with soap after using the toilet, can reduce the contamination on them by more than 10%. As the owner of the office, you will also have to think about cleaning the office. There are plenty of antibacterial products on the market, and you can easily find recommendations from professionals, like doctors, to give you an idea of the best for you. It’s worth washing your surfaces at least once a day, and you can provide employees with the tools to do this themselves.

Going Deeper

If you were only to clean the surface areas of your business, you would quickly notice grime building up in other areas. Crumbs, dust, and other dirt can travel surprisingly far, reaching even the furthest corners of a lot of offices. The biggest culprits for harbouring grime are areas which can’t be seen. Unfortunately, these sorts of areas are also perfect for creatures and plants which thrive on the waste which humans leave behind.

This is often seen when an office isn’t cleaned properly for a very long time. The first invaders are usually insects, with ants and mites finding it easy to make their way into buildings, even when it looks like they have no way in. As time goes on, though, you could find yourself with more significant problems on your hands, like rats. Diseases like Salmonella are spread by the faeces of small rodents like this, with over 40,000 cases reported in the US each year, and this makes it very risky to keep them around. Most people will be very shocked if they see an animal in your office, and this could easily tarnish your good reputation.

You can quickly solve the problem of animal infestations long before you ever have to deal with any of the critters themselves. A weekly deep clean is often enough to clear your office altogether, and there are loads of office cleaning contractors out there offering the services you need to handle this. While you could simply clean the place yourself, it often makes sense to have someone else do it for you, even if it is only to stop you from forgetting about it.

The Building Itself

The building you’re working from is probably the last place you would consider when you’re thinking about cleanliness. In reality, though, the way that a structure is put together can have a dramatic impact on the level of cleanliness found within and can put your team in peril if you don’t work to improve it. Sick building syndrome is a widespread issue, even when it comes to offices which have only been around for a couple of years.

Sick building syndrome is caused by poor ventilation, stress, and the chemicals which were used to build the office in question. Resulting in symptoms like headaches, blocked noses, and a laundry list of other nasty effects, this issue has seen large businesses losing valuable employees, just because they can’t live with the sickness. Of course, this makes sense, as you shouldn’t have your team worried that they’re going to get sick, and you will need to take action to solve this issue.

Simply opening some windows is the first step which should be taken to get sick building syndrome under control. Following on from this, certain air-filtering plants can remove the harmful chemicals causing this condition from the air, further improving the environment for your team. If the problem continues after this point, it will be worth having a third-party organisation come to look at your building, as most people don’t have the expertise to figure out what might be causing these issues. Most offices never get to this point, though.

No one likes the idea of working in a dirty place, and customers won’t be happy to spend money with a company which doesn’t look after itself. Thankfully, though, solving the problem of office hygiene doesn’t have to be as hard as you might expect. Regular cleaning is the most critical part of this, and the help of a contract cleaning service can take all of this work out of your hands, leaving you to enjoy the clean space you’ve created for your team.

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Published Date:11th April 2019

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