How Clean Are Your Offices?

If you’re questioning the quality of service you get from your office cleaners, it’s time to get a definitive answer. Here, we’re going to look at five signs that your office isn’t as clean as you and your team, need it to be, and why you might want to consider Colvin Cleaning Group for the replacement you need.

Are your cleaners conspicuously quick?

Convenience and efficiency are two good qualities in office cleaning contractors. However, if they’re in and out of there in no time, it should be a red flag that they’re not being as thorough or as comprehensive as they need to be. A decent amount of time is needed to make sure that all areas are properly cleaned.

Are parts of the office still a mess when they leave?

Convenience and efficiency shouldn’t come at the cost of true cleanliness, either. Dust and litter left under desks, full trash bins, grimy bathroom surfaces, these are all signs that your cleaning contractor may be taking shortcuts while only cleaning the most superficial areas. If you can see some of the shortcuts they’re making, it’s not hard to imagine that they’re taking shortcuts that are harder for the naked eye to notice, as well.

Do your cleaning contractors seem interested in your feedback?

If your cleaning service has never got in touch with you for a follow-up, that’s another red flag. A professional team should get in touch to make sure that the clean is up to standard and that all your needs are being met. If they don’t, you should check for those aforementioned cut corners.

Do they bring the equipment and supplies they need?

You may not be there to watch your cleaners work, as most managers and office owners prefer to keep their staff out of the way of the cleaning service. However, if you notice that your cleaners are arriving with little-to-no equipment or a cart that’s full of empty or near-empty supplies, then you may well wonder how they’re able to clean effectively. The likely answer is, unfortunately, that they’re not.

Do the touch test

Especially when it comes to the bathroom, it can be hard to pick up all the signs of an effective clean with the naked eye. Bleach and air freshener can be enough to make it look and smell clean, but a thorough scrubbing is essential. Wearing a glove, make sure that you give surfaces like the toilet, sink, and tiles a touch test. If it’s not squeaky smooth but rather grimy or rough, it’s a sure sign they’re not maintaining high hygiene standards.

If you need quality office cleaning contractors in Brighton, Eastbourne, Crawley, Tunbridge Wells or across the wider areas of Sussex and Kent, don’t hesitate to contact Colvin Cleaning Group. Our office cleaning is flexible and comprehensive, offering washroom restocking and external area cleaning as well as all the internal cleaning you need.

With over 30 years of organising and managing cleaning services, thorough quality control, and the highest standards in communication and customer service, we can make sure your office is well and truly clean.


Published Date:22nd November 2018

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