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There are merits to keeping any business premises neat and tidy, but it’s of extra importance when we’re talking about a factory and warehouse. That’s because these spaces are inherently more dangerous than other work spaces, and, as such, a lack of cleanliness doesn’t just make the space less visually appealing: it can make them more dangerous. If you’re in charge of making sure that your factory and warehouse is kept in tip-top condition, then get in touch with Colvin Cleaning Group to discuss your cleaning needs. As well as making the space cleaner, you’ll also find that there are other benefits, too. For example, your staff will be able to work better: studies have shown that productivity increases when people are working in spacious, well-organised environments. Below, we take a look at some of the types of premises that we work with, and the services that we provide.

Types of Premises Serviced

We serve a lot of different premises in the industrial sector. Perhaps you’ve got a factory, and need to keep everything in shape so that your production can tick along nicely. Or you have a busy warehouse, which is prone to acquiring a build up of dirt and grime. Your business premises may also be an industrial unit, or an engineering or manufacturing space. Once you’ve hired us as your cleaner contractors, we’ll take care of your cleaning, you’ll be able to focus on the job at hand, safe in the knowledge that the important, behind the scenes task of cleaning is being taken care of.

Floor Cleaning

There’s always a risk of a slip and fall, no matter what type of business or premises is being discussed. However, it’s extra important to reduce the chances of something going wrong when you’re operating industrial premises. This is because, due to the materials and the heavy machinery that’s usually involved in these processes, if something does go wrong, it can be very dangerous. We offer a range of floor cleaning services to make sure that they’re always kept in good condition, including degreasing, polishing, and buffing.

Types of Floor

Since many industrial premises are large, it’s likely that you’ll have multiple different types of flooring across your site. We have experience in working with many different types of floor. To give you an example of the types of flooring that we can handle: non slip safety flooring, marble, concrete, parquet, slate, ceramic tiles, vinyl, and linoleum. You might have one or multiple types of this flooring at your premises. We’re able to provide the best methods for keeping your floor clean and in a good state of maintenance, which will make them safer -- and will also save you money, since you won’t need to replace or repair your flooring as often.

Regular Cleaning

There are multiple reasons why it’s important to ensure your factory is kept clean. When you hire Colvin Cleaning Group, you can rest assured that you’ll receive a thorough cleaning service. We’re experts at cleaning many different aspects of worksites, including the windows, the floors, the office areas, and everything in between. As well as the regular cleaning routine, we also keep an eye on those periodic jobs that have to be completed, too. One of the reasons why engineering cleaning & maintenance is such an important is because the functions can be affected by a build-up of dirt and dust. We engage in dusting that’ll prevent long-term dust particles from settling at your premises and disturbing your company.

Outdoor Zones

It’s not just the inside of your factory or industrial unit you should be thinking about when it comes to your cleaning services. While they may be on your mind, you’ll need to think about the outside areas too. This can have an all-around positive impact on your business, since this is where your visitors will get their first impression of your business. We will work to make sure that your car park is free of litter, then your signs and windows are sparkling clean, and that there are no unsightly weeds taking over your entranceway. It might not be your biggest concern, but there are merits to thinking about your outdoor areas.

In the Washrooms and Toilets

Finally, Colvin Cleaning Group can help to keep your toilet areas clean, and can also provide the supplies you need to keep your wash areas at their hygienic best. If you need things like soaps and sanitisers, air fresheners, hand dryers, or anything else to keep your staff and visitors in good hygiene, then get in touch.

Published Date:6th August 2019

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