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Disinfection cleaning is a vital process that allows all premises to remain safe from infectious viruses and dangerous toxins that could lead to serious illness. Within any communal spaces, such as hospitals, cruise ships and schools, viruses and bacteria can linger on surfaces for several days, which means that even after cleaning, parts of the toxins may still not be entirely eradicated. With constant touch from people, it can cause the spread of germs to other areas of the building as well as other people, which is why it’s vital to eliminate these risks entirely.

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Fogging Disinfectation Cleaning Solutions

Chemical or bio-fogging has been used for many years in public sectors and over the years, fogging has become a better solution for cleaning and is much more accessible making it a more affordable choice than it once was. Fogging is a solution that doesn’t actually cause any type of fog or disruption in the workspace. The most common types of fogging within the workspace is likely to be chemical or wet fogging that produces a type of fine mist. Dry fogging, which may be used in areas where there is electrical equipment, may use dry fogging to ensure that the mist does not damage any of the electricals. The concept is that the biocide particles found in this delicate mist are so miniscule that they can remain in suspended animation in the area which allows any airborne viruses or bacteria to be eliminated. Within the workplace, there can be up to 50 people working on one floor, which allows germs to thrive. By using fogging, you can combat these viruses and bacteria - as well as combating pathogens found on surfaces, including ceilings and walls. It really is a solution that provides a complete solution.

What makes it great? The mist can fall into areas that cannot always be easily reached by manual cleaning. It can penetrate the areas that are hindered by furniture and obstacles, which allows a more easy and thorough clean without the hassle. The chemicals used within this method of cleaning are now completely up to industry standards, they do not harm any areas and are non-toxic to humans.

For many businesses, frequent deep cleaning can be disruptive and all areas, large or small can be cleansed quickly and effectively. This allows your team to continue with their work without any hindrance, which is a perfect solution to people who work within busy teams and have strict deadlines to deal with. Not only is it a preventative measure but if an outbreak of any type has already occurred, then it can help combat and eliminate a further risk. For outbreaks of things such as norovirus or types of flu outbreaks, fogging can greatly assist. These types of viruses are highly contagious and can result in many workers being off sick. Eliminating the risk quickly is vital to ensure that it doesn’t spread further. ULV (ultra low fogging) fogging can assist with this, disinfecting areas rapidly.

It is also believed that the application of disinfectants and biocides via fogging method can hugely reduce the number of pathogens found; much less than standard manual cleaning, according to Routine and Responsive Services. Using fogging machines alongside manual cleaning can also have multiple benefits. Fogging can reinforce cleaning methods and efforts by delivering disinfect more comprehensively and allowing absorption on areas that would not usually be cleaned, such as fabrics on seating and curtains and blinds. It allows a higher efficacy of disinfection which is important for any office space, small or large. Every company could benefit from this type of cleaning because it helps eliminate germs in the long run which can contribute to preventing any outbreaks in the future.

Is Fogging Disinfectation Cleaning a safe choice?

Fogging has advanced in recent years and is very safe. It is efficient and rapid and can take only minutes to take effect, which allows you to continue quickly without having to stop your working day. Often these methods can be done after working hours which means that there is no residue or sign of the mist in the air when people are not in the office. Also the products used are non-toxic; and although allergic reactions cannot be fully eliminated, if the fogging is completed without staff around this will not cause a problem at all. Our responsible cleaners at Colvin Cleaning Group pride themselves on efficient work, using the recommended PPE for the agent being used. The mist is clear, odourless and non-corrosive, that means it is safe for all materials within the space being cleaned. It requires no rinsing or further labour. A simple solution that can provide multiple benefits.

Although fogging does not have to be done often, it is recommended that areas should be fogged twice a year, which will provide a good level of protection and during the winter months and summer months when different germs are more prevalent. The best way to combat any type of infectious outbreak however would be fogging and it can be done easily. Our cleaners in Brighton and Hove, Eastbourne, Hastings, Crawley, Tunbridge Wells across all Sussex and Surrey, work 24/7 and are available to meet your needs whatever your circumstances are. We want to ensure that you can return to work quickly and effectively without the worry of the outbreak still lingering or germs still being present within the space.

What makes Colvin Cleaning Group the best choice?

Colvin Cleaning Group have over 30 years’ experience within the cleaning industry.  Our mobile disinfection service can allow us to sanitise large areas in short periods of time. We do not want your business to suffer; we know time is important, so we aim to achieve very minimal downtime to your business with the added bonus of confidence that your space is germ free. We offer fogging solutions as a long-term solution to hygiene within the workspace or for any current outbreaks that you may have. For further information, quotation and booking please do not hesitate to contact our office on 01323 417439.

Published Date:25th August 2021

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