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Companies across the country are looking at the prospects of opening up under the plans for the lockdown to be eased. However, ensuring the health and wellbeing of those returning to work remains a top priority. To that end, a deep clean of your premises could be essential to help you and your team feel comfortable getting back to work.

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Before you open the doors of your industrial premises again, Colvin Cleaning Group can bring our over 30 years of experience to offer your property the deep clean that it needs. Our team of cleaners have experience working in industrial premises of all kinds, including factories and warehouses. We also have a team of healthcare cleaners that can ensure doctors and dentists offices, as well as surgeries, meet every important standard.

Industrial and healthcare cleaners at your service

Make sure that your property is ready, and as prepared to meet the health and safety needs of your team as possible. Our team of trained, vetted, and qualified cleaning professionals can meet the standards of cleanliness demanded by your workplace. Whether industrial or healthcare, we bring the equipment and expertise to match the task.

Before the lockdown is eased, your business needs to have a plan of how it’s going to ensure the safety of any employees spending time in the workplace. Our cleaning contractors can make sure that cleanliness and hygiene aren’t a concern, allowing you to focus on other matters.

Ensuring the right health and hygiene standards

There’s a wide range of benefits to cleaning your industrial or healthcare premises but, right now, everyone is naturally focused on the health benefits. Whilst your team is coming out of lockdown, the possibility of illness being spread through the workplace has to be addressed.

The workplace may be full of equipment, surfaces, and fabrics that can serve to transmit a range of viruses. Normally, we’re worried about colds, the flu, and such, but Covid-19 has made it more important than ever to be extra vigilant.

Our cleaning contractors can bring the level of vigilance and attention you need, ensuring your workplace meets every hygiene standard.

What our industrial cleaners can do for you

Each of our services is catered to the specific needs or your workplace, and any individual considerations you want us to make. As such, we have a range of services designed to cater specifically to industrial properties, such as factories, warehouses, industrial units, manufacturing, engineer, and production facilities. These include the following:

  • Floor cleaning and maintenance, including de-greasing, machine cleaning and scrubbing.
  • Specialist and safety floor cleaning and maintenance for all types of flooring material.
  • Routine and periodic cleaning of office areas, windows, carpets, equipment, and more
  • Ground maintenance services for external areas, including bin sanitizing and waste removal
  • Maintaining hygienic washrooms, including refill services for all the essentials

We’ve worked with industrial clients in Brighton and Eastbourne for over 30 years, so if there are any other services you require from us, feel free to mention. We pride ourselves of being able to apply our high standard of work while being flexible.

Healthcare cleaners to meet your specific needs

Aside from standard commercial and industrial properties, we also have members on our team equipped to handle the clean needs of healthcare premises. We can help in medical centres, surgeries, dentists offices, hospitals, clinics, and much more, with some of the following services:

  • High-level routine and periodic cleans, including office, window, glass, carpet, upholstery, floor cleaning, office equipment cleaning, and more
  • The cleaning and maintenance of external areas, including litter picking, sweeping, weeding, and refuse area maintenance
  • Washroom cleaning and maintenance, including thorough daily cleans, routine daily cleans, and de-scaling.

Ensure that your medical premises get the care and attention they need from a team that’s experienced in working in such environments with the help of Colvin Cleaning Group.

Ensuring the highest standards

Once we have provided the deep clean that your industrial or healthcare premises needs, you will be all the more ready to open your doors and welcome your staff back. However, it’s important to ensure that you keep up with the standards of cleanliness as time goes on, too.

Our team of commercial cleaners is available to work with you as and when you need us. Our services are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Let us know about your schedule and we will work around it to ensure that we don’t interrupt the work of you and your team.

Preparing your premises for opening after lockdown

If you’re aiming to open your business and to slowly phase back to a normal routine, it’s important that you are able to help your staff feel at ease in their work surroundings. A deep clean suited to the needs of your business can help.

How well maintained and cleaned your premises are can help assure your team that you’re taking their health and safety needs seriously. A deep clean from professional cleaning contractors should be part of the plan to prepare the premises for reopening. This plan may also include rearranging workspaces to ensure appropriate social distancing measures and using floor markings to help your team keep their space from one another.

The industrial and healthcare deep cleaning services from our team can help you ensure the proper health and hygiene standards in a way that’s cost-effective. You don’t pay for the equipment or supplies we use, nor lose vital manhours that could be used getting your business back to normal.

 Get in touch with Colvin Cleaning Group today

Our industrial cleaners and healthcare cleaners are ready to help you get your premises ready before the lockdown is eased. Arrange your deep with Colvin Cleaning Group today by calling our freephone line on 0800 14 64 94. You can also leave your contact details on the form provided on the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can. We will be glad to find the cleaning service arrangements that meet your needs and standards.

Published Date:20th May 2020

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