Deep clean of Commercial Premises

From offices to shops to warehouse floors, a lot of workplaces are looking at the possibility of re-opening. When coming out from lockdown, it’s essential that you’re as cautious and mindful of your employees’ health as ever. As such, ensuring that your office is as clean as can be is recommended.

Professional cleaning contractors

Colvin Cleaning Group brings over 30 years of experience providing deep commercial cleaning throughout Brighton, Eastbourne, and the surrounding areas. We have worked with a wide range of clients, matching our services to their standards. If you’re looking for a deep clean of your commercial premises, ours is the team of cleaning contractors that can bring the expertise, the equipment, and the professional approach that you need.

Deep office cleaning, shop cleaning, and more

Our team has spent over three decades servicing commercial property owners and managers of all kinds. Each member of our team is qualified, trained, and vetted to ensure that our services meet every standard of cleanliness, with the industry-level equipment and products you’re not likely to keep on hand.

If you’re looking at bringing your business out of lockdown and reopening, then you’re going to want it to be as clean as possible. Ensure your customers and employees both feel secure and invest in the deep commercial cleaning that gives peace of mind.

The health benefits of a deeper clean

Cleaning the office isn’t just to keep it looking and feeling as comfortable as possible. It also has important health benefits worth considering. Even as you come out of lockdown, it is only natural you and your employees will have concerns around the possibility of spreading illness and will want to take measures to avoid it.

A wide range of viruses, such as the flu, colds, staph, and Covid-19, can be spread by contact with contaminated surfaces. These viruses can linger on equipment, surfaces, and fabrics for a considerable time.

Our professional team of cleaning contractors will ensure the highest air quality and hygiene standards so that you and your team can feel safer in the office.

 Our extensive commercial cleaning services

What deep clean looks like to you may differ from what our other clients demand. We are glad to cater our services to meet your specific needs. As such, here are some of the services that can be included in your deep clean:

  • Office surface and equipment cleaning
  • Internal and external window cleaning
  • Hard floor (vinyl, concrete, wood, hard stone, etc.) cleaning, stripping, and waxing
  • Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning
  • Washroom cleaning, and providing supplies like soaps, sanitisers, hand towels, air fresheners and more
  • External cleaning, signage cleaning, sweeping, weeding, waste removal, litter pickup and more.

Should you have any requests not included in the list above, don’t hesitate to ask us about them. We have gladly catered our services to suit the needs of our clients throughout Brighton and Eastbourne. If we can provide with the quality of clean that Colvin Cleaning is known for, we will.

Keeping the standards in the workplace up

We know that, after your deep clean service is finished, you might be too busy to keep up with the standards we set yourself. As such, we also offer routine services that best fit your schedule.

Our team is available 24/7, and we can work to your schedule. Whether you want a periodic deep clean of the whole office or daily services that focus on keeping up the standards of cleanliness to maintain the health and hygiene of the office, we’re glad to fit what works best for your schedule.

When you get in touch with us to talk about our office cleaning services, feel free to tell us which cleaning times work best for you.

Returning your commercial premises to normal

Business owners and managers are soon going to be trying to return to some semblance of normality. For both their employees and their customers, they will want to ensure that they can be relied on. Maintaining professional standards, such as keeping the office clean, can play a big role in that.

The appearance of the office, which includes how well presented and maintained it is, will play a huge role in the impression you leave on all parties who visit it. Your employees, customers, clients, and partners, are more likely to be assured by seeing an office that takes all the essential precautions in mind. This includes rearranging furniture and placing down markers to ensure everyone remains a safe distance, as well as a deep cleaning

Our deep cleaning services are a cost-effective way of giving your team and customers the sense of security they need. We purchase all our equipment, appliances and supplies so you don’t have to.

 Why work with The Colvin Cleaning Group?

The fact that we have been working in Brighton and Eastbourne for over 30 years might be enough to convince some. However, there are plenty of advantages of choosing the Colvin Cleaning Group for your deep commercial cleaning services.

The high standard of clean we provide is the number one reason. Professional quality services are available from trained, supervised staff 24-hours a day, 7-days a year. We take care to ensure every member of our team meets our standards.

Our equipment matches our team, with high-performance professional tools that are rigorously tested to ensure they meet the industrial standard. We bring the right equipment and cleaning products based on the materials needed, so you can rest assured we always have the right tools for the job.

 Get in touch with Colvin Cleaning Group today

If you’re in need of a deep commercial cleaning service in Brighton or Eastbourne, get in touch with Colvin Cleaning Group today by calling our freephone line on 0800 14 64 94. You can also leave your contact details on the form provided on the website and we will get back to you as soon as we can. Ensure that you reopen your commercial premises in the right way, with the kind of clean that can help your team feel at ease.

Published Date:25th March 2021

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