Deep Clean of Business Premises for Brighton and Eastbourne

When it comes to cleaning your business premises, The Colvin Cleaning Group has years of valuable experience. Founded in 1986, we offer a range of professional cleaning services that are executed to perfection by all of our staff. The pandemic of Covid-19 has caused a lot of distress and has changed life as we know it. There’s likely to be a lot of change when we all eventually get back to normal, but it’s essential that we all play our part in making sure that this doesn’t happen again. That’s where we come in!

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As part of our many services, we’re giving businesses the opportunity to take advantage of our professional deep cleans that your premises are going to need in order to sanitize anything and everything that could still have the bacteria on it. To help prevent the coronavirus in your business, whether that’s located in Brighton, Eastbourne, or anywhere in East Sussex, we can get your premises in the best shape. Due to the Covid-19 virus, our range of professional services can all cater to the needs and requirements you’ll need.

Our industrial cleaning can focus on businesses in the form of warehouses and factories. These are big expanses of space that are likely to have many surfaces, equipment, and machinery where many have been touched and therefore, could still have this virus on it. To simply ask your staff to go back to this workplace without the proper cleaning is risky because if they get it, that means your business will have to close down again, and that’s not what you want. Retail cleaning is also another environment that can be quite dangerous to come back to when we’re all out of lockdown and back to normal. Retail stores and any venues within the food industry that sell food and drink to the public will have had heavy footfall. This is something you want to take care of when it comes to cleaning because it’s a risk not only to your staff but also to your customers too.

As well as these services we can help with cleaning windows and any floor surfaces that could carry bacteria of any kind. A full sanitization is needed as your company’s contribution to making sure this virus doesn’t cause any further harm. Communal areas in a business are also an important area to tackle and so we do a lot of washroom cleaning for those that need it.

A lot is going to change once we’re back to normal, and when that comes to cleaning, you might want to reassess the current state of your cleaning operations. It could be that the services you’re being provided with are not to a high quality, or they’re a bit outdated in how it’s tackling the increase in your building’s cleanliness. With that being said, you might want to consider daily and periodic cleaning too. There’s a need for high-quality cleaning at all points throughout the company’s working year, and we can help provide that for a reasonable price. We’re specialists in office cleaning, carpets, floors, walls, and ceilings to name but a few. There’s virtually nothing we can’t clean and whether you require one cleaner or a team, you can rest assured, they will be the very best in cleaners.

The Colvin Cleaning Group can provide a tailored service to suit your business and any budget requirements you might have. Our contracts between clients start off with a comprehensive daily cleaning service that specifies what we offer and to make sure we meet those expectations that were outlined. We also make sure that we check up every so often to make sure our standards are consistent and that the demands of your business in terms of the cleaning haven't changed.

We always aim to exceed the expectations of our customers, whether it’s a regular cleaning schedule that you need or a one-off service. During this pandemic, it’s important that companies are putting plans in place for coming back to the premises and ensuring they’re fit for working in and, more importantly, safe. And as an extra, we also have a service that helps with ground maintenance too, whether it’s window and signage cleaning, car park litter picking or weeding. Appearances are important, and we make sure that your business always looks the best, both outside and in.

If you’re interested in using us for whatever professional cleaning service you require, be sure to get in touch today.

Published Date:26th January 2021

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