Covid-19 – Intensive Cleaning of Business Premises

During these terrifying times where the Covid-19 is all over the globe, it’s important to look after yourself as a business, and that’s not just something that can be done financially. However, at some point, we’ll all be out of this mess and back to normal - hopefully! And even though this will be a welcome change for most of us, it’s important that all businesses take precautions in sanitizing everything that they come into contact with when it comes to re-entering the business premises.

Professional cleaning services
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Here at Colvin Cleaning Group, we specialise in professional cleaning across a variety of business industries, whether it’s a typical office setup, warehouse, or retail. It’s essential that before your staff set foot back into the property, it’s worth giving everything a proper clean. That’s a big job that for your regular cleans might not be something that’s possible in their experience or capacity. As a one-off service or whilst the threat of the virus lives on beyond the lockdown period, why not pick us to help with an intensive clean?

As a company that’s been established since 1986, we’ve helped so many of our clients to keep their surroundings clean and more importantly, healthy for staff and customers to be in. We offer a wide range of cleaning services from window cleaning, hard floor cleaning, and washroom cleaning. When it comes to this virus, there’s a lot of places that this virus might still be living, and therefore, it's essential not to dismiss anything when it comes to cleaning.

As industrial cleaners being part of our branch of services, we can help with all business premises like warehouses where there’s likely to be a lot of different surfaces and equipment that has been touched. With healthcare cleaning that we offer, any medical centres, hospitals, and clinics can hugely benefit from the quality of cleaning that we offer. In times like these where focus is more so on patients, we can help look after the cleaning aspect of your building. This gives your staff more time to work with those who need them as well as providing them with a clean environment, wherever they go within the building.

Retail cleaning is also a big task to handle when it comes to the post-covid pandemic. These are places that are going to have had massive amounts of footfall, and therefore, almost every area of your stores are likely to have been touched. So whether you’re a clothing store or restaurant, an intensive clean is something that is certainly necessary to do. As much as we all want to get back to earning money, it’s important to provide a clean environment that’s going to keep everyone safe. If all businesses and venues do this, it will likely reduce the impact of a second wave.

As well as offering immediate cleaning services now, we also do have a periodic and routine cleaning service available. Your cleaning standards as a business should be seamless, and from this virus, there will surely be a lot of assessments in how well a business is doing when it comes to keeping its building in tip top condition. If you find that once you’re back to normal, that the cleaning in place is not to the right standard, we have more than enough experience and knowledge. We can help to provide a service that’s at a reasonable cost and is something that is less frequent but nevertheless, a regular routine. From high level dusting and light diffuser cleaning to minimize dust circulation to regular vacuuming of carpets. A lot of spillages can also be caused by the amount of footfall and a typical lack of care from some employees for the working areas. We make sure that your carpets and flooring are always kept clean. Applying the right solutions to the materials are essential for it to not cause further damage, and sometimes this can happen with inexperienced cleaners.

If you’re looking for the best in cleaning services to support the cleanliness of your building on a regular basis, then we can be of assistance. As this Covid-19 virus has shaken the globe, it’s important to take the necessary steps for your workers to come back to a clean workspace. For the sake of your staff’s health, you should be investing in a one-off service from The Colvin Cleaning Group. If you have any questions about our services in general or would like to arrange a meeting, simply give us a call or drop us an email for more information.

Published Date:15th January 2021

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