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When it comes to choosing a commercial cleaning service in Brighton and Hove, you will be faced with a plethora of options. Given its location on the coast, and its proximity to the capital, the city of Brighton and Hove is a thriving centre of commerce and local business. Cleaning services for industrial, commercial and retail use are therefore in high demand, and many companies operate across the city, offering a wide range of services. In the wake of Covid-19, many businesses are re-evaluating and re-prioritising their cleaning services. This is an important part of conforming to new health and safety measures being put in place across the business world. Selecting the right commercial cleaning service for your needs is more vital than ever. There will be many elements you need to consider when making this decision, to ensure your premises in Brighton and Hove remain clean, hygienic and safe.

Your Specific Needs

As you search for a commercial cleaning service, it’s important you bear in mind your particular business needs, and how they might require specialist handling. Retail cleaning operations will be very different from those needed in areas such as healthcare, or in industrial settings such as factories or warehouses. In these cases, you may need your cleaners to have received specialist training to deal with certain types of equipment. Don’t be afraid to query cleaning companies and check they are fully qualified for your needs. Brighton and Hove is a well-serviced city, and some cleaning companies may even specialise in certain types of cleaning, so it’s worth exploring the market to find the right fit.

A Trusted Company

Finding a commercial cleaning service may seem like a simple endeavour, and it can be tempting to try to economise where possible. However, remember that the cheapest option is not always the best. Keeping your business clean and safe has never been more important, and this should not be an area where you cut costs at the expense of reliable service. Always seek recommendations from other local businesses in Brighton and Hove, and check online reviews for any company before using their services. This way, you will be assured that you can trust your new commercial cleaners to approach their task thoroughly and efficiently.

Regularity of Use

How often do you want your retail cleaning service to attend to your business? Many places, such as restaurants, require a nightly service. Offices may have a less regular schedule of every week, or bi-weekly, although you may want to increase the regularity of this given recent circumstances. In the case of healthcare cleaning, the service may be even more frequent. As you approach and receive quotes from commercial cleaners, you will need to be clear about how regularly you want your premises to be cleaned.

Quality Control

Many cleaning companies in Brighton and Hove offer a Quality Control component to their professional cleaning services, and this is definitely an element to keep an eye out for. Quality control means that the company retains an overview of their employees’ work, ensuring that each service remains up to standard. This is particularly helpful if you are dealing with a company who employs largely freelance cleaners. Quality control could involve spot checks, cleaning inspections, regular top-up training and other methods to ensure the company is acting with consistency. If you’re aware these measures are in place, it will allow you to relax and know your premises are being looked after thoroughly and consistently.

Well-Treated Staff

This may be a slightly harder aspect of commercial cleaning services to judge, but it is vitally important. Ethically, you will not want to be associated with any company who exploits their employees for profit. However, well-treated staff also tend to be more motivated and happier in their work, meaning they will pay more attention to detail and take better care of your commercial property. You can discover if staff are being well-treated by checking that their pay rates are reasonable, or even just talking to the employees who visit your premises. You will soon find out the truth and be able to make an informed decision about the businesses you are supporting.

The Services on Offer

Just as cleaning service techniques may vary between office cleaning, industrial cleaning and healthcare cleaning, different companies will also offer a variety of services. Alongside regular upkeep, you may be able to purchase one-off deep cleans that will scour your premises from head to toe. These are particularly useful if you are returning to a location after a lengthy absence, or you simply want to start each new business year with a feeling of freshness. As you search for cleaning companies in Brighton and Hove, keep an eye out for the different options on offer, and see if you can find a company who can offer you a variety of services depending on your budget and needs.

Use Local Business

As the economy begins to recover, it’s more vital than ever to use your custom to support local businesses and help your area rejuvenate. There are lots of nationwide cleaning services who employ freelance cleaners in cities across the UK, many of them with good reputations. However, by using a local business you will not only be supporting smaller companies, but you will also see other benefits. Local businesses will be much quicker to respond if you need any emergency cleaning services, and you will find them much easier to contact. Customer services tend to be better between local businesses, allowing you to develop a closer working relationship and tailor the service to your needs.


Finding a commercial cleaning service in Brighton and Hove will not be difficult. As a thriving city, there are many options available. However, when it comes to choosing the service that is right for you, it’s worth taking into consideration as many factors as possible before coming to a decision. You will want to employ a cleaning company who are reliable, local, specialised and ethically managed, ensuring you receive quality service from a trusted and experienced cleaner. Give us a call or contact us for more information

Published Date:13th May 2021

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