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How a Clean Office Makes For a Better Work Environment

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Everyone likes a clean office. And when you spend 80% (averaging about 8 hours a day) of your week there, it’s important that it is a nice environment to work in. Nothing compares to a thorough clean and the feeling that your desk or office space is hygienic, uncluttered and spotless. Even if you aren’t the most organised person on the planet, working amongst clutter for one isn’t sanitary and it isn’t a good way to work.

A clean and hygienic office will also ensure that the productivity levels of you and your fellow employees will stay consistent. If your desk is in disarray, there is a more likely chance of you becoming disorganised, losing important files and stationery you may need, which is why — although outsourcing cleaning operatives will help in the office around you — it’s important to keep your personal office space clean and tidy. This organisation and cleanliness means that you can get on with business-related tasks without becoming distracted by having to constantly tidy up after others (or yourself), whether it is a case of having to empty the dishwasher or wipe over the surfaces.

When hiring a cleaning service, no matter where you are located in the world, it’s important that you can hire a company that you trust will do a good job. By searching the internet for reliable commercial cleaning companies, it is always helpful to read reviews and testimonials (if the company has them) from people that have used their services in the past. When you are part of a big business, especially in fashionable, business-focused cities such as Brighton, there will be plenty of leading contractors out there to choose from. And when it comes to office cleaning, it’s important that they will complete the job to a high standard every time. Once you have found a company that you trust will be reliable and they showcase this, the huge impact it will have on the office culture will be immediately transparent.

When hiring office cleaners, it’s also beneficial to check that they are properly trained, that they follow essential standards, (for example CQC regulations and infection control) have the correct insurance in place (such as Health and Safety Insurance) and if possible, have an account manager in case of any problems arising during their employment.

Using an array of cleaning materials and techniques, they can target the areas you require to a professional standard. From extensive window cleaning to deep cleaning the bathrooms and kitchens, they can ensure each area of your workspace is spick and span. In terms of health, a clean office will also ensure that there is less chance of you and other employees getting sick (work desks carry thousands of dangerous and infectious germs, and are said to be dirtier than a toilet seat), and a lower possibility of contracting a serious health issue as a result of a buildup of dust, lint and other particles. Millions of sick days are taken throughout the world each year due to the spread of illnesses (even if it is simply the flu or common cold) through the air or contact, therefore by complying with the Health and Safety at Work Act 1974 and The Workplace (including Health, Safety and Welfare) Regulations 1992, you are ensuring that legally and morally your workplace will remain fit for purpose.

Not only is a clean office key to ensuring a good standard of hygiene, organisation and an overall better work environment, but it will also save precious money that would be spent on replacing damaged IT equipment. Dust is not technology’s friend, and by letting dust build up in keyboards and computer fans (which can result in overheating) as well as the router, and other ‘always on’ IT equipment it will gradually cause such items to malfunction, or stop performing at optimum capacity. A good way to prevent this from happening is by ensuring that there is a cleaning schedule kept in place, for the outsourced cleaners to follow. It is also beneficial to maintain the standard by being aware of the schedule, cleaning up what you can and keeping the area around your computer/IT equipment free of dust. When setting the schedule, it is important for the cleaning company to be flexible around your office hours and provide a bespoke service, that will suit your needs.

Why hiring a cleaning service may benefit future business

Not only is it important to keep your office clean and tidy for both you and your fellow employees, but by making sure it is up to standard, it will benefit your business as a whole in terms of hiring and meeting with potential clients. If you are welcoming a client into your office, you want to make a good first impression, and a filthy office simply will not do that. To be met with a heap of rubbish, disgusting odour, messy kitchen or unsanitary toilets will give the impression that it isn’t a serious workplace and can even go so far to convince them to work with another business.

The same goes for when you want to hire a new employee. Even if they turn out to be unsuitable for the role, by having an office that is not appealing you will persuade them to not want to apply again, or may even result in them telling others about the bad experience – in turn resulting in others not applying for the roles available. Similarly, if they are successful in the role, an unwelcoming office may convince them to not want to progress with the process, resulting in you losing out.

A happy and positive work environment can easily be achieved by hiring an office cleaning company that constantly keeps it in tip-top shape. Reducing the stress levels of the employees, taking away unnecessary distractions and maintaining a productive and hygienic workplace are all undeniably beneficial elements of any business no matter what sector they are in. Therefore, by acquiring cleaners that will do a good job, at the end of the day, will assist with your business in the current day and in the foreseeable future.

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Published Date:21st April 2019

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