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It’s no secret that retail environments can become dirty. On busy days, hundreds, if not thousands, of people grace your premises, bringing with them all the dirt, grime and muck from the outside world. Retailers have to battle dirt on a daily basis to keep their stores looking fresh, clean and in excellent condition.

Of course, keeping retail premises clean is no easy task. Shoppers want to shop, not maintain hygiene standards, and so it can sometimes feel like you’re fighting a losing battle. Retailers, especially those in the food sector, have a duty to ensure that their products are fit for human consumption - they may not be if premises are dirty, mouldy, or ridden with dangerous bacteria.

Colvin Cleaning provides shop cleaning to shopping centres, supermarkets and department stores. Retail premises have special requirements that can often only be met with the help of trained professionals. Let’s take a look at some of the reasons you should choose a professional cleaning service for your retail environment.

Why Choose Professional Cleaning Contractors?

Professional Cleaning Reduces Risk to Customers

Trying to do all your cleaning in-house might sound like a good idea for many reasons, including saving money. But that’s rarely how things turn out in practice. Often, the result is shoddy cleaning. Poor quality cleaning can be a risk to customers. Customers, for instance, could be exposed to dangerous spores from mould or bacterial pathogens. These pathogens could adversely affect their health. Unprofessional cleaning efforts could also increase the risk of trips and falls.

Cleaners at Colvin Cleaning are trained under health and safety guidelines. Not only do we ensure that your store is clean, but also that your customers and staff remain safe during the cleaning process. We provide adequate signage for wet floors and take care to remove any trip hazards. We use cleaning products that are proven to be safe in the retail context.

Professional Cleaning Impresses Customers

Professional cleaners are excellent at what they do. They have the skills and the know-how to perform cleaning to the highest standards. These standards pay off. Customers notice thorough cleaning, especially in toilets and restrooms. Amateur cleaners are unlikely to provide a level of service that customers expect. For example, they may only wipe around the bowl of the toilet without really getting in under the rim. Or they may clean the sinks with a rag without cleaning and maintaining the soap dispenser.

Customers care about the quality of toilet facilities. More than 95 per cent say that they would consider not using a particular retailer if its lavatories were not clean. More customers care about the quality of restrooms than they do about any other factor involved in the retail experience. It’s imperative, therefore, that companies get their bathroom cleaning right.

Colvin Cleaning takes retail bathroom cleanliness to the next level. We ensure that your bathrooms look the best that they can, smell great, and are free from dirt and grime, even in places that customers wouldn’t ordinarily look. When you choose our cleaners, you can expect sparkling sinks, fresh urinals, and clean floors.

Professional Cleaning Services are Convenient

Retail store managers have incredible demands placed on them. Often they have to manage an around-the-clock operation, from deliveries early in the morning, to final tidying up late at night after all the customers have gone home.

At Colvin Cleaning, we understand that retailers want convenience. And that’s what we provide. With us, you get a bespoke, professional service designed to meet your needs. Once the service is arranged, it’ll be carried out automatically, without your having to think about it again. Professional cleaning takes one more task off your to-do list.

Professional Cleaners are Better Than Shop Staff

You want a clean store: that’s a given. But getting shop staff to do the job probably isn’t advisable. Not only are they unlikely to do the job to the standard you expect, but they may also put themselves at risk. Professionals use proper techniques to sanitise your store and follow relevant health and safety protocols.

How Do Professional Cleaners Clean Retail Premises?

So how do professional cleaners clean your premises?

Suitable Tools

Partnering with a professional cleaning company carries a host of benefits. One of those is access to professional cleaning equipment for the retail environment. Over the years, manufacturers have built close relationships with retailers, working with them to discover their precise needs. These needs have then been translated into different kinds of equipment, designed to perform a wide array of retail cleaning tasks.

Colvin Cleaning, for instance, use a range of tools.

  • High Access Dusting. High access dusters are special kinds of duster which can be fixed to long poles, allowing cleaners to clean difficult-to-reach areas, such as the areas around ducts and lighting on the ceiling. Without proper cleaning, dust can accumulate in these locations, potentially causing a hazard to health.
  • Floor Cleaners. Floor cleaners are in constant use in retail environments because of the sheer magnitude of footfall. Colvin Cleaners can provide both mechanised and manual floor cleaning services, depending on your particular setting.
  • Window and Glass Cleaning. Some windows and glass in stores can be high up and difficult to access. Our pumped window and glass cleaning services can help you get the shiny, sparkly windows that you need to entice customers into your store.
  • Grounds Maintenance. Keeping your car park and outdoor areas free from cigarette butts, gum, and litter is vital for maintaining your brand image. Our grounds maintenance tools allow our workers to quickly and effectively deal with any grounds maintenance issues that you may have.
  • Bathroom Cleaning Equipment. As discussed, customers want clean bathrooms. Colvin Cleaning provides both cleaners with the skills, and bathroom cleaning equipment to ensure that your toilets meet your customer’s standards.


A clean retail premise is vital for attracting customers and keeping them safe. Professional cleaners, like Colvin Cleaning, ensure that you attain your customers’ standards while allowing you to focus on your core operation.

Published Date:18th December 2018

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