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Whether you are located in Brighton, Eastbourne, Crawley, Tunbridge Wells or beyond, you're subjected to the same phased approach to reopening. The government guidelines have been revised time and again to ensure that the correct Coronavirus lockdown procedures are adhered to and followed. Your business premises need to remain clean for people to feel like they can come to your business comfortably and securely - which is where Colvin Cleaning come in.

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Between social distancing and maintaining high hygiene standards, you want your company to continue to stand out. The best way to do that is to ensure that you choose experts to clean your commercial premises post-lockdown. You don't want to spend time worrying that your offices are not clean enough, especially when you expect employees and clients to come in and work. The current government cleaning guidelines are stringent, but post-lockdown, they have tightened considerably. It is the expectation that your business premises are going to be deep cleaned more often, with antibacterial soaps and hand sanitizers available for use. You want your staff to work confidently in an office they know has been treated with the highest standards possible: so why not call us today?

Lockdown & Beyond

Before opening your commercial premises to the public, you need to make sure that your business is ready and disinfected in every corner. At Colvin Cleaning Group, we don't cut corners: we clean them, and we are able to assist you far beyond lockdown being lifted. We know that Coronavirus can survive on wood, plastic, glass, and cardboard for between 24 hours and nine days. While this depends on the conditions in which it’s in, you must be aware of your responsibility to provide a safe and clean working environment for your customers and staff.

While your building may have been closed for the duration of lockdown and the likelihood of any of the virus being present is low, can you really afford to risk it? Following the right hygiene protocols, along with our help, will ensure that you can open your business to the public and offer security. At Colvin Cleaning Group, we are proud to provide your business with the best products possible to ensure that all surfaces are disinfected correctly. Office cleaning post-lockdown is not going to be easy to keep up with, so let our professional teams keep up with it for you.

Supporting Your Business in The New Normal

You already know the importance of commercial cleaning in a general setting. People get sick throughout the year, and the spread of germs is more prevalent through the winter months - you know this. Coronavirus has caused a massive shift in the way that we deal with bacteria; we need to clean more frequently, and during lockdown, you need a game plan. Colvin Cleaning Group can provide all clients with comprehensive cleaning services in Brighton, Hove, Portslade, Shoreham, Eastbourne, and beyond. Our 30 years of experience has never seen a pandemic before, but our experts have paid careful attention to the new rules for dealing with hygiene and cleaning, and we have trained our staff carefully.

Our Commercial Cleaning Services

Your business is embracing a new normal, and so are we. Even in these unprecedented times, we do not compromise on our ability to provide high quality services to our customers. Below is a list of some of the services that we have provided before lockdown, and we will continue to offer them beyond lockdown, too!

Office Cleaning

You need your office to be in the best possible shape when you come out of lockdown. If it’s been closed for some time, it will need to be freshened up. We can help. Our services for offices include daily office cleaning, periodic cleaning when you need it as well as attention paid to carpets, upholstery, windows, and electronics. Our office cleaning services also include bathrooms and any janitorial needs covered.

Retail Cleaning

The government guidelines for lifting restrictions on the retail sector are now more transparent, which means you need to do all you can to show customers that you are paying attention to them. Your retail space will require a frequent and thorough cleaning to ensure that customers will continue to return to your business over and over again. With our retail cleaning team, you can ensure that your business is well maintained every single step of the way.

Window Cleaning

People lean against, touch, and even cough near windows. You need to make sure that your business windows are as clean as possible as often as you can. It’s up to us to help you to keep your windows clean and infection-free, and with one phone call, your business could be next on our list.

Healthcare Cleaning

Hospitals are under a lot of strain at the moment while dealing with the current pandemic. Your healthcare centre must be in the best possible shape. Sanitation is crucial, but with a virus that makes the world sick, you need to ensure that you are on top of your cleaning schedule. Our healthcare cleaning team can help you put together the best cleaning schedule that doesn't disrupt seeing patients but ensures that patients are confident that you are taking this seriously!

Our services are not just limited to the list above. If you have specific cleaning needs, giving our team a call today is the best thing to do!

Professional, Commercial Cleaning Services - Call Today

At Colvin Cleaning Group, we are committed to supporting businesses in their cleaning efforts. Whether you are preparing to reopen after lockdown or you need services beyond reopening, we can help. We offer over 30 years of experience in managing your cleaning services in your local area, all you need to do is call today, and we can come up with the best schedule to meet your needs.

Our services are 24/7, with trained and supervised staff able to handle your business needs. Contact us today, and we will work with you to ensure that we provide the best, targeted cleaning services for your business.

Published Date:10th February 2021

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