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A recent survey has highlighted the need to keep your office clean and it’s not just the most obvious things such as a reduction in colds and flu. Everyone knows that without regularly cleans office bugs are likely to become more prevalent – especially at this time of year – but the survey also picked up a few other interesting facts.

Cleaning Companies Brighton

Why employ cleaning contractors in Brighton?

There are many good reasons to employ a cleaner. For instance, a clean office can help to boost productivity. The majority of people surveyed stated they felt much more productive when the office was kept clean.  In fact, 90% per cent said a cleaner office environment had a positive impact on their productivity.

It shouldn’t be surprising when the office is kept tidy and clean, people are more productive. The immediate environment is known to have an impact on the way that people think and feel, and the tidier cleaner work area, the better your staff will feel.

Every business owner should know the benefits of productivity such as increased income and improved morale among staff, which is why when looking at cleaning companies Brighton, employing the right cleaning contractors could be beneficial to your business.

In addition, the survey also highlighted how some of those surveyed would like to see their office kept cleaner; the employees stated they would be happier if the office was cleaned regularly. It is a known fact that a clean working area helps to bolster the self-esteem of staff, and it makes them feel like their employer cares about their well-being.

Another concern raised by the survey was that people wished some of their colleagues would be cleaner and tidier around the office. Having colleagues who are untidy can sometimes lead to conflict, and there isn’t always much you can do about some people’s personal habits. However, with a team of professional cleaners in Brighton, you can help to manage problem areas more effectively.

For further information on how a cleaning contractors in Brighton can improve your office environment, contact us.

Published Date:11th November 2015

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