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What difference can a clean office make? How about creating a more professional, appealing space that your clients and partners see? How about fewer sick days and a lower chance of accidents amongst the team? Or even a more productive workday thanks to a brighter, friendlier workspace that can make a real difference in meeting your work goals?

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As a commercial cleaning company that has been working with a wide range of different businesses over 30 years, the Colvin Cleaning Group is here to show the real difference a clean can make. We offer cleaning services of all kinds to all kinds of clients in Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Crawley, Eastbourne and across Sussex and Kent. Read on to learn more about what our services entail and the benefits of working with cleaning contractors that bring the best equipment, a professional team, and the highest standards.

The commercial cleaning company for you

The Colvin Cleaning Group has worked in a range of different spaces of different sizes over our 30 years. Our team of cleaners is vetted, qualified, and trained to keep the highest standards of cleanliness. They bring with them the industry-level equipment and products that might simply cost too much to consider buying yourself.

What’s more, we clean around your schedules and to your needs. Whether you want an occasional clean or daily maintenance, whether you want windows, carpets, office equipment, or restrooms cleaned, we’re glad to work to your exact standards.

The types of commercial cleaning services we offer

We’ve satisfied clients across Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne and Crawley for three decades now. Want to know how we do it? In part, it all comes down to what you need from us. Different clients bring different offices and different needs. For your convenience, here are a few of the services we regularly offer as a commercial cleaning company:

  • Surface and equipment cleaning, catering to a range of surfaces and common equipment like computers, keyboards, printers, and more to maintain hygiene standards.
  • Window cleaning, external and internal to make sure that your business keeps the kerb appeal that maintains your professional appeal.
  • Hard floor cleaning that’s suitable for cleaning and maintaining vinyl, concrete, wood, and hard stone surfaces with regular stripping and waxing to go with the more frequent washing.
  • Commercial carpet and upholstery cleaning, understanding the cleaning schedule for a range of fabric types and bringing the right equipment to help it maintain its longevity and visual appeal.
  • Washroom cleaning, providing specific attention to detail for hygienic standards with both routine and deep cleans, as well as providing supplies like soaps, sanitisers, hand towels, air freshener and more as and when you request them.
  • External cleaning, keeping the outdoors as well maintained as the indoors with signage cleaning, sweeping, weeding, waste removal, litter pickup and more.
  • If there’s anything you want to request that you don’t see above, simply ask us about it. We have provided a huge range of services to customers in different industries, and different spaces.

No matter what services you request, as a commercial cleaning company we make sure that the same dedication to the highest standards are always upheld. That’s how we’ve managed to grow our business for 30 years throughout Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne and Crawley.

Daily and periodic cleaning

We know that running a business is tough work. You don’t want our team of cleaning contractors getting in the way of your team’s productivity. That’s why we work with you to the needs of your work schedule. Our business runs 24/7, so we can get to work whenever you request it.

Similarly, we can offer our services as frequently as you need them. As such, we’re the one-stop shop for businesses in need of either daily or periodic cleaning services. Our periodic services include a top-down, deep clean of the entire office, while our daily services focus on maintaining the health and hygiene of the office, with more detailed cleans as and when they are necessary.

When you get in touch with us, feel free to tell us about your work schedule and how often you require our services.

Make your office a healthier space

One of the differences that any business can understand all comes down to the prevalence of sick days. Our office cleaning services don’t make it simply look nicer, they make it a healthier place to work, as well. On average, your employees will spend nine days of the year on sick leave. Why is this?

In the majority of cases, sick leave is down to the workplace, especially surfaces that are contaminated by viruses and airborne bacteria, leading to the spread of flu, cold, and even dangerous conditions like staph. These all linger on things like office equipment, bathroom surfaces, breakroom tables and the like for around 24 hours.

Without the air quality and hygienic standards set by a truly professional clean from a team of cleaning contractors, it’s easy to lose plenty of work hours throughout the year to sickness.

How our services can better your business

Cleanliness isn’t just about maintaining socially acceptable standards for a frequently used space. It offers some real benefits that can help you improve your business. There’s all the health implications as mentioned above for a start, as well as the safest concern of fewer spills and less litter on the floor.

The brand appeal is important, too, making sure your office has the professional appearance, inside and out, to leave the right impression with clients and partners. Easiest to understand of all, there’s the impact on your bottom line. Cleaner, brighter offices lead to a more motivated team, meaning they’re more engaged and productive with their time, helping your reach your business goals. What’s more, with our equipment cleaning services, you can keep your tech in better shape for longer without having to fork out for repairs.

Lastly, outsourcing your cleaning needs to us can save you money, too. You don’t have to purchase the equipment you need, from expensive one-time appliance purchases to frequent restocking of your cleaning products. You also save on paying the manhours you would need to if you added cleaning your own space to your other responsibilities.

Why work with The Colvin Cleaning Group?

For some, our history as a commercial cleaning company, serving for 30 years, and our reputation in Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne and Crawley might be enough to satisfy. However, we’re always glad to tell you exactly why we’ve been able to stay in business for so long.

To start with, we’re being entirely truthful when we talk about offering the highest standards in the business, as and when your business needs them. Few teams can boast to offer cleaning services for 24-hours a day, 7-days a year. What’s more, all of our staff are trained and supervised by use, ensuring they meet our standards.

To each job, we bring high performance, rigorously tested equipment of an industrial standard, beyond the needs of any non-professional user, as well as quality commercial cleaning products. We’re fully insured, as well, meaning you know you’re in safe hands with us.

Get in touch with Colvin Cleaning Group today

Whether you’re in Brighton, Tunbridge Wells, Eastbourne or Crawley, call us for all of your cleaning needs. Call our freephone line on 0800 14 64 94 or input your contact details on the form provided on the website so we can get back to you as soon as possible. Start seeing the benefits that commercial cleaning services from a team of experience, dedicated contractors can bring to your business.

Published Date:19th March 2019

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